Primal Reflex Release 
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PRRT is a revolutionary and developing treatment for patients in pain. It is based on the concept that many people are living in an "upregulated" or "prestartle" state with abnormal reflexive responses that result in pain.

PRRT addresses the "down regulation" of these abnormal reflexive responses returning the body to a state of homeostasis.

PRRT blends seamlessly with all other treatments you currently use. It starts with a 1 min nocioceptive exam to determine problem areas. Treatment is fast and you will know immediately if PRRT is an appropriate treatment tool.

PRRT welcomes all medical professionals from a broad range of disciplines including PT's, PTA's, OT's, OTA's, DC, DO's, MD's, DDS, LMT's, ATC's and RN's.

CEU's: 14 hours for most states. California does not provide CEU's for this course

Course Fee: $497 (This is the cost of the seminar after the purchase credit of the Home Study Course has been applied. The cost without the Home Study Course is $697.)

Nicky McKeon, DPT:  See Staff link for more information

For more information on PRRT or to purchase the Home Study Course please go to the following website:          


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